New T-Shirt Collab: Snoop Lion, The League, and Crooks & Castles!

PrintWe're excited to announce that Snoop Lion and our client, the League of Young Voters, have partnered with urban streetwear line Crooks & Castles for limited-edition No Guns Allowed t-shirts. The t-shirt is an extension of the League of Young Voters’ and Snoop Lion’s anti-violence campaign inspired by Snoop Lion’s “No Guns Allowed” single from his Reincarnated album, which features Drake and his daughter Cori B.The t-shirt’s visually moving design features a young shooter aiming a gun amidst the iconic Crooks & Castles chain, to symbolize a breaking of the cycle of unfortunate and senseless violence in today’s culture. An alarming statistic states that 40% of Americans have themselves or know someone who has been a victim of gun violence. Therefore, the strong imagery is intended to motivate action and continue dialogue surrounding the realities of gun violence in America, which affect people everyday.“I didn’t want this to be just another shirt, I wanted it to make people really stop and think about what’s going on out there and Crooks & Castles did a great job of that,” Snoop Lion said. “Tragedies are constantly happening where kids are getting killed and the kids are the ones picking up the guns. We have to do something to stop it.”Supporters of the No Guns Allowed movement could have the chance to win the exclusive t-shirt by sharing messages about the importance of non-violence and conflict resolution using the #NoGunsAllowed hashtag on their social networks.“Crooks & Castles is one of the biggest brands in street wear,” stated Executive Director of the LYVEF, Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker. “If you are uncomfortable with the imagery on Crooks & Castles’ clothing then you aren't paying attention to what's going on in the streets.”The popular clothing line Crooks & Castles has established a broad following ranging from street kids and hustlers, to celebrities like Jay-Z, Drake and Cassie. Excited by the No Guns Allowed initiative, the brand saw this platform as a great opportunity to join forces with the LYVEF and Snoop Lion on such a positive note.“Crooks and Castles is proud to team up with Snoop Lion to support the ‘No Guns Allowed’ initiative by designing a special, limited edition t-shirt to be released in the spirit of non-violent conflict resolution,” said Crooks & Castles Marketing Director, Chief Johnson.1044387_10151731961492905_808230176_nJoin the conversation and support the cause by sharing information about LYVEF and Snoop Lion’s No Guns Allowed: Disarming Violence in our Community roundtable. The panel, which takes place on Saturday, June 29th will enlisted the esteemed opinions of rapper T.I., Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and other community thought-leaders on the hot button issue of gun violence.Don't forget to check out Snoop Lion’s thoughts on the collaboration!