Complex Goes to Levi's Eureka Innovation Lab

Complex Editors James Harris and Jian DeLeon had the chance to fly to San Fransisco for a couple days to hang out at Levi's Eureka Innovation Lab in order to learn about Levi's history and how they have become the most authentic clothing brand in the world. The coolest part of their trip was that they got to completely customize a pair of Levi's denim jackets with everything from their faces to the eggplant emoji. AND THEY USED FRIGGIN LASER BEAMS TO DO IT. LOOK AT THOSE LASERS.As a lover of denim, I'm so jealous of these guys. I would absolutely love to go to Levi's innovation lab and create my own custom denim jacket. Levi's, if you're reading this, I think you should fly me out to San Fransisco so I can visit your Eureka Innovation Lab and create the illest custom denim jacket ever. Just saying, flame emojis and 100s everywhere.