Coach Snoop And Adidas Welcome NFL Rookies At Prosper Summit

Cashmere teamed up with Coach Snoop and adidas Football to host the 2nd Annual Prosper Summit on Monday. Prosper is held every year at Snoop's compound to welcome some of the top adidas rookies entering the NFL. The goal is to provide knowledge and resources from experienced people in different industries, to help these athletes who are about enter a new stage in their career.

The event started off with a financial resources panel to provide guidance on investments and managing their newfound wealth in their pro careers. The panel featured moderator Doug Raetz who runs a wealth management firm for pro athletes, Snap Inc. CFO Derek Anderson, former NFL pro and investor Ryan Nece, and financial advisor for pro athletes, David Gross. The guests were then treated to an interactive media training with Steve Shenbaum, founder of communication firm Game On Nation. The main panel of the day featured a fireside chat with moderator Jemele Hill, sports journalist for The Atlantic, LA Chargers Wide Receiver Keenan Allen, NFL legend Michael Irvin, and of course Coach Snoop himself. The day wrapped up with an intimate 'Ask A Pro' session with former pro Chester Pitts, where the players got ask a former NFL athlete questions about their experience in the league.

Coach Snoop's Prosper Summit 2019 with adidas was a huge success, and cements the brand at the forefront of creating collision between sports and culture. We wish these rookies the best of luck in their careers and we can't wait for Prosper 2020!

Cashmere Agency