CES 2017: A Glimpse into This Year's Tech

The innovative, the imaginative, and the tech-savvy congregated in Las Vegas last week for 2017's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With 3,800+ exhibiting companies and 165,000+ attendees, CES was the place to be to stay ahead of the curve for news about this year's tech.Big things we saw at CES 2017: Innovative TVs, a big focus on AR/VR, smarter technological personal assistants.Thinner TVs were seen from tech giants Sony, LG, and Samsung - these TVs seem about ready to disappear into thin air, while having higher quality, and better built in sound systems.Reality defying tech in the AR/VR space was showcased: One of the standout project being gaming company Razer's Ariana, a gaming projector that sets out to deliver a VR like experience - without the headset.The past year brought us better AI personal assistants with Google Home and Amazon's Echo Dot, CES saw Amazon's Alexa assistant being built into more technology - even cars.Some other amazing announcements outside of the above trends at CES 2017 that we should keep an eye out for this year:

2017 is a year of innovation, and we can't wait to see how the projects unveiled at CES develop!