CES 2015 The Future is Now

With all of the techies of the world you already know that the International CES 2015 has arrived! All of the tech super fans have filled the main hall where the advanced gadgets are on display.  Wired.com covered this year's Las Vegas conference and help introduce the world to 11 hot new products found here.The list includes the once-upon-a-time ever so popular Sony Walkman. Despite the same name as the retro device, the newest Walkman has a price tag of $1,100. For the beer lovers of the world there's a new automatic machine that minimizes the process of brewing beer. Throw in a few ingredients and the beer will ferment 2.5 gallons of homemade brew, within a couple of hours. Other new technological features include a car that can drive itself, more smart wearables and drones...lots of drones.You can find more information from CES 2015 on their website at www.cesweb.org.