Cashmere's Culture Club Celebrates Halloween

There is no shortage of gouls and spooks in the Cashmere Agency office this Halloween. As a marketing agency focused on creativity,  we are always looking for out-of-the box ways to celebrate and make our own festive traditions. Cashmere's Culture Club holds monthly events and celebrations around holidays, traditions, and culture/diversity.cashmere-halloween-1On Friday, in light the scariest holiday of the year, our team held a competitive costume contest (complete with appearances from the gang of Recess, Eleven from Netflix's The Stranger Things, and Seinfeld's Elaine), a screening of the flick Cabin in the Woods, and plenty of pizza and drinks. To supplement all of the hard work Cashmere will be doing today in support of our clients, tonight we will be streaming our favorite classic horror films and satisfying our sweet tooths with plenty of candy.cashmere-halloween-3To check out some of our Culture Club's best costumes, check out our Instagram @cashmereagency and show us your favorite ghostly attire by tagging #CashmereCultureClub.cashmere-halloween-4