Cashmere x Inc. Magazine: Diverse Input = High Performing Output

The demographic and psychographic makeup of the customers of any major brand is changing. Cashmere sat down with Inc. Magazine to discuss four ways to position a brand to be relevant with these increasingly powerful customer groups.

  1. Commit to building a diverse team.It's very simple, we are who we market to. We really stand by diversity not just in the products that we're marketing, but also in our own staff.

  2. Embrace talent with non-traditional backgrounds.Hiring people who don't fit the mold can give you an edge. To build a team that is reflective of the time, you have to maybe look outside traditional models...Oftentimes we're looking for, obviously people with experience, but also people that are creative and passionate about culture. Those people you can find in different realms as well, you just have to look a little harder for them.

  3. Charge team members to teach what they know.We expect even our entry level team members to train us as well, to let us know about what's the next big thing out there, what are people talking about, how are they communicating, and how are they doing it effectively. Don't wait for your new people to learn the ropes. Tap into their expertise to fill in any gaps as soon as you can.

  4. Get outside help as needed.A lot of marketing professionals at brands, and networks and studios understand that in-house they may not have the capabilities or expertise to deal with the projects that are on their table, and that's very different from the way it used to be when they felt like they could do everything internally.

Check out the full article below, as well as the video interview with Sonia Thompson!

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