Cashmere Spotlight: Cassie Crespo

1011846_10100825748595058_272350017_nCassie is our lovely Business Development coordinator and ex-yoga instructor. I sat down with Cassie during lunch to ask her some serious and silly yoga questions. We then played a little game of  “Name That Yoga Pose." Check that out, and the interview, after the jump! namethatposeHow did you become a Yoga instructor?In my last quarter of college, I took yoga teacher training and it was where I had been practicing for a couple years. I was super dedicated to that yoga studio and that’s where I ended up teaching yoga. I was really attached to the teachers and really like their style.When and why did you first start yoga?In 2005. All my friends were super stoked on a yoga teacher in college and I was injured at the time and I was really bummed when I saw them all get together and go. I had a dislocated elbow and when it healed, I was really excited to go. When I went, I thought “This is the s**t!”Your favorite thing about yoga in 5 words! Go!Feels good and expressing yourselfWhat is one common misconception about yoga that drives you nuts?That it is only stretching. It’s not just stretching! It’s strength building and paying attention to your breath. It’s so annoying to me that people think it’s either so easy because all it is is stretching, or that it’s so hard because they aren’t flexible enough. People don’t realize that flexibility is really a result, not a prerequisite. Yoga is so much more.What kind of people would you recommend yoga to the most?People with anxiety because I think that yoga teaches how to let go and teaches a lot of being in the moment. It’s funny because a lot of people with anxiety come and take yoga and say “I can’t do it” and stresses them out even more, but really that is a huge indicator that you do need more yoga. The practice of sitting still makes it easier to sit still. Instead of thinking “I can’t follow. I’m so overwhelmed”, think “Okay, I should to take a second, look around, maybe ask a question or two.”What does yoga mean to you? Be as corny as you would like! Just don’t cry.Yoga is always there. It is a safe space and it’s not at all a physical space but more so a philosophical space that you can go and either tune out and forget about everything or tune in and start to really think about what’s going on with yourself. It is sort of the solution to everything for me. If things don’t make sense, if I’m bored, if I’m sad, if I’m feeling uncomfortable, it’s just the answer.Silly question time: Who gets to name the poses and what can I do to get one named “Grace Park”?They were supposedly named hundreds of years ago by B. K. S. Iyengar so you kind of missed the boat.If yoga was illegal, how would you hold your underground classes?I would practice in pitch black. No windows, underground, soundproof, wearing all black, no lights.That sounds like a horrible idea. I don’t want to go to this class. No windows and B.O.?Maybe candles.What about when you have to swing your leg to go to warrior pose or something?I’ve actually been kicked in the face before during class. I kind of walked into it. It was awkward. I told the class to lift their right leg up and we are going to take it forward in between your hands and I walked right into someone’s foot. She might have kicked me on purpose. This happened a number of times. You’re supposed to stay away from the people when they are lifting their legs or stay out of their space if they are lifting their heads.Yoga poses: Have sexual relations, Marry, Kill. GO!Kill: chair pose, F-word: Standing splits, Marry: Down dog.Anything non-yoga related you would like to say?YEEZUSShout outs?Shout out to Black Dog Yoga: Peter, Rose, Jenny, Sigrid, Maria, Rachel!—Grace (Twitter|Instagram) & Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)