Cashmere Recap: Grammys 2017

Last night's Grammy Awards ceremony was certainly emotional - there were tears, moments of nostalgia, and a lot of laughs from the audience. There was Beyonce's show stopping performance, Adele's heartfelt tribute to the legendary George Michael, and 21 Pilot's (pants-less) acceptance speech, just to name a few standout moments among many. Viewers were treated to Host James Corden's comedy and a special rendition of carpool karaoke (which included the adorable Blue Ivy). Below, Cashmere Agency breaks down the Grammy Awards' most jaw dropping moments.beyonceBeyonce's Performance: As always, Beyonce wowed when it came to her choice of costumes during last night's performance. However, far more significant than her wardrobe, the songstress's performance was symbolic from start to end, underscoring the beauty of motherhood and empowering women everywhere.Adele's Acceptance Speech: There is no question that Adele was the winner of last night's ceremony. She took home Album of the Year for 25 (the singer's second win in that category), and won all five awards that she was nominated for (even over Queen Bey, which caused quite a stir on the internet and in our office as well.) However, perhaps more impressive than the singer's multiple wins, and even her tear-jerking tribute to George Michael, was her humble acceptance speech in which she voiced her respect and appreciation for Beyonce and her music, calling Lemonade "monumental."chance the rapperChance the Rapper is 2017's 'Best New Artist': Cashmere favorite Chance The Rapper made music history when Coloring Book became the first streaming-only album to be nominated for a Grammy. Last night the artist took home wins for not only 'Best New Artist' but also 'Best Rap Album' and 'Best Rap Performance' for "No Problem."Lady Gaga and Metallica: Lady Gaga's performance at the SuperBowl received unbelievable media attention, but Gaga outdone herself last night with Metallica when they recovered from a broken mic with ease and grace.CeloCeeLo Green: His outfit and Grammy exit are enough to speak for themselves - not to mention the memes that his presence inspired.As film and music buffs, Cashmere Agency is always anticipating the next awards show. Next up, Oscars!