Cashmere Agency Summer Retreat

Cashmere Agency gathered this past Friday for its yearly summer retreat. With the Malibu skyline in the distance, and no shortage of pizza and snacks, the company sat down to discuss Cashmere's vision, celebrate the agency's accomplishments, and deliberate the company's future. One important topic was the company's increased emphasis upon social activations and social publicity -- and how this focus has helped guide conversations between brands and the public while enlarging opportunities for clients. The retreat was a productive, yet relaxing, day for everyone to come together as a team and decide the ways in which to grow.retreat1Not only did Cashmere employees participate in group discussions and team building activities (and, of course, the occasional game of raquetball), but the agency had the pleasure of hosting Nina Yang Bongiovi as the retreat's guest speaker. Nina works with Forest Whitaker at Significant Productions and is both a leader in entertainment and a proponent of diversity in production and filmmaking. Her career a female, asian filmmaker has already left an indelible mark on filmmaking within an industry that is often criticized for its lack of diversity. Her past work includes hits Fruitvale Station and Dope. Nina shares Cashmere's view in regards to the significance of catering to a mulitcultural audience. Although the agency's goals and strategies may change, diversity will undoubtably remain a priority for Cashmere.retreat2