Can Kodak Black Help Himself?

Imagine becoming the hood’s rap star at the age of 16. Then, imagine gaining recognition from Drake at 17. Finally, imagine blowing up and becoming one of the rap world’s new biggest stars while being locked up at 18. Dieuson Octave is a 19-year-old rap sensation hailing from the slums of Pompano Beach, Florida, and he goes by the stage name of Kodak Black.Kodak Black brings a unique style— a gritty Dirty South sound that could be compared to that of Lil’ Boosie’s Bad Azz album— to his time and age. The album brings an interesting variety of flows, along with a melodic singing tone, but it’s Kodak’s youthful and juvenile attitude that attracts people. Kodak’s audience deeply admires his IDGAF attitude towards any given situation. Whether it’s girls, drugs, or enemies, Kodak has a type of savage approach to it all. He has this bad boy identity to him, but he also shows us how much he and his family have struggled in the Broward County projects throughout his youth, and how that influences his grind. Listeners can empathize with Kodak’s hard work ethic and hustle.Kodak started rapping and trapping in his early adolescence, quickly becoming an idol amongst his peers while he was living in his Golden Acres Development projects. Early last year, Kodak received a cosign from the biggest rapper in the game, Drake, for his song, “Skrt.” Since then, Kodak has been being recognized worldwide for his ruthless mentality and the return of Dirty South in a new contemporary manner.Just as everything seemed to be going well, Kodak just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. In October of 2015, shortly after the 18 year-old started to blow up, he was arrested on charges of battery, possession of marijuana, robbery, and false imprisonment. He was shortly released and quickly given a record deal with Atlantic Records. When things started to look up, Kodak just kept finding himself back in certain predicaments. In April, he was arrested again for possession of marijuana, possession of an unauthorized weapon, and from fleeing from the police. In May, he was arrested again for charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment, once again.Kodak has been held in custody since his arrest and has only been gaining more recognition worldwide. The question is, can Kodak Black stay out of trouble in sake of his own career? Will his career change after he is released? And when will we next hear from Kodak Black?