Boss Dogg in the White House!

4add5ab478ca11e3a03a12d8ffa77685_8They say if you focus hard enough on your dreams, they will come true. Well, it sure happened to Snoop Dogg and his family last month when they were invited to the White House for the first time!In his latest documentary Reincarnated, the accompanying film to his Grammy nominated album of the same name, Snoop said, "I’m never able to perform in situations where I’d love to because I don’t have those kinds of songs... My songs are too hard. I know Obama wants me to come to the White House, but what can I perform?”[youtube=]During the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors on December 29th, Snoop had a surprise performance for honoree Herbie Hancock, with a mash-up rendition of Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" and his own mega-hit "Gin & Juice".[youtube=]Check out the live performance video and an exclusive inside look of Snoop's tour of the White House!