Boiler Room Celebrates LA Beat Music at Hardware Studios

It seems like every day in Los Angeles you discover something new and different that's happening in music. Last night, Boiler Room Los Angeles threw down something special at Azul213's Hardware Studios in Boyle Heights.For those who haven't heard of Boiler Room, it's a global platform for underground music--they put on shows in private locations around the world and stream the performances live. It's a celebration of global talent and its lineups feature both emerging talent and established acts.safe_imageLos Angeles collective Pronounced Love brought beat artists Gifted & Blessed and Afta-1 together for a night of good vibrations. After their individual sets, the two musicians debuted their collaborative project, Somos, which means 'We Are". Trippy 3-D visuals from the talented Shawn Curley were projection-mapped along the wall the entire night. The entire vibe was otherworldly and inspiring.The reloop of last night's event will be on the Boiler Room site for the next few days, so check it out before they take it down!