#BlogHer16: Experts Among Us


Tomorrow is the start of BlogHer! This community and media company was founded in '05 by Elisa Camhort Page, Jory des Jardins, and Lisa Stone.  It began as a 300 person forum on women and blogging, and has since grown tremendously in popularity and attendance. Today the 2016 BlogHer conferences are the world’s largest celebration of women content creators across social media, video, photos, and the web.This August 4-6, BlogHer continues it's roots as a conference here in LA for #BlogHer16! The conference is now inclusive of an exciting mix of content creators, social media stars, entrepreneurs, top brands, activists, and fans.This year's conference will feature powerhouse women speakers like Morgan Shanahan at Buzzfeed, actress Aisha Tyler, and influencer Kim Kardashian West as well as men in the space such as OINTB actor Matt McGorry. You can check out the full list of speakers here and sign up to attend the conference, it's not too late!