Big Sean Prepares to Drop New Album "I Decided"

Its no secret that Big Sean keeps it real, with each album of his career we've seen him take his personal life and spin it into relatable tracks that we can't help but blast. But for this album, it looks like he's doing it bigger than ever before.The rapper released a 30 second teaser for, “Halfway Off The Balcony” and “Voices In My Head,” both of which will appear on his new album "I Decided" dropping today. The teaser features some polarizing images of Sean standing in a flooding street and a scene with what appears to be a future version of himself. Even more, comments on twitter from Sean's director Andy Hines, suggest the footage was shot less than a week prior to release of the album.It sounds like Sean has had a busy start to the year - and let us just say, we are all for it.And if all that isn't enough to peak your interest in "I Decided," we have one more insight into Sean's new music. The rapper will also be launching a series of pop-up shops starting Friday the 3rd (day of release) and extending through the weekend. If your based in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York or Toronto you have the chance to visit a store and shop some Sean Don merchandise. We don't know exactly what the pop up stores will offer, but we can imagine it will be pretty great.Download "I Decided" here and let us know what you think of Big Sean's latest tracks.