Ben & Jerry's Promotes Climate Change With New Tesla "Ice Cream Truck"

Around Spring and Summer every year, the famous ice cream maker runs campaigns across the country to promote various environmental issues and policies. They usually take their ice cream and a truck around to various states to promote these initiatives. This year, the "Save Our Swirled" campaign is doing something a little more modern. Instead of the typical ice cream truck, they decked out a Model S Tesla that they are showcasing throughout this tour. They believe Tesla stands for the right changes needed to be made to affect our climate, which is why they painted this electric car and stripped the backseat to have freezers to pass out free scoops. In return they are encouraging people to pledge their support for this cause through their partner Avaaz, a global-cause petition platform. Ben & Jerry's is constantly taking drastic steps to affect change in the best way they know how, providing delicious ice cream to the masses. They even hope to transform their company to 100% renewable energy by 2020.Info for this article from Fast Company.Check out more info on the campaign in this video below![youtube]