Being Mary Jane Leaves Us Wanting More

The latest season of BET's hit show Being Show Jane, starring Gabrielle Union, successfully peeled back the mysterious curtain on broadcast journalism, offering a new perspective on the seemingly perfect and well-manicured anchors and their memorized monologues. Part one of season 4 certainly had no shortage of intrigue and conflict.
In addition to the interesting subplots and the show's many twists and turns, Gabrielle Union provided audiences with an engaging portrayal of Mary Jane Paul, a woman grappling with both familial and work-related issues, while also navigating confusing romantic relationships. Her character also did not shy away from highlighting many of the issues faced  by the modern black woman.
One of our favorite things about Being Mary Jane was Mary Jane Paul's position as a successful and strong working woman within an often  cutthroat industry. Her confidence and strength, as well as her vulnerability and authenticity, offered an important and inspiring message to viewers who may feel discouraged in their quest to climb the corporate ladder and achieve in competitive workplaces.
Last week's season finale left audiences with a lot of questions about Lee, MJ, and the rest of the cast. Luckily fans of the series will not have to wait long for answers, since Being Mary Jane will be starting back up this summer. Until then, Cashmere Agency will be binge watching the past series and reliving every juicy moment.