"Atlanta" Premiered Last Night and It's So Important

FX and Donald Glover's highly anticipated new series, Atlanta, premiered last night and was received incredibly positively and was the hot topic throughout the evening.#AtlantaFX, #DonaldGlover, and #LemonPepperWet (you'll know if you know) were new and trending hashtags during the premiere, showcasing fan appreciation for the show. Watch it yourself and you'll understand, Atlanta is clever, witty, poignant, and relatable despite it's oddness.What's also been trending around Atlanta is the importance of the show in today's conversations about diversity and culture. Atlanta is incredibly nuanced and finds avenues to relate to the audience, from Van (played by Zazie Beetz) wearing a headscarf to bed to Earn figuring out how to make rent, the show resonates. Only two episodes in and Atlanta is also already tackling the topics of youth, blackness, mental health, gender, and police brutality.Just as important as the content of the show, Donald brings in all black writing and production teams and gives us a strong cast of black leads. Atlanta is pushing the boundaries of the status quo with regards to entertainment and making a big push in changing the face of television.Donald Glover and Atlanta are succeeding in: “[showing] white people, you don’t know everything about black culture.”We're tuning in every Tuesday at 10pm, what about you?darius-paper-boi