Asian-Americans Speak Out Against Whitewashing

It’s called “whitewashing,” casting white actors for roles in film and TV that were originally Asian characters, and it’s become a major hot-button issue in Hollywood. From Cameron Crowe’s Aloha to the Ghost in the Shell reboot, the film industry has been hit with major backlash from prominent influencers in the community for its lack of Asian-American representation in the media.

The Internet has also galvanized in response to the issue. #StarringJohnCho is a viral social campaign that defies whitewashing by photoshopping John Cho’s face onto Hollywood movie posters like The Martian and Spectre. The message is simple, but loud: this is what a major blockbuster film would look like if an Asian-American was cast as the lead. Why hasn’t it happened yet?Today, Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead has added his piece to the conversation around whitewashing by releasing a new single and music video. In “Safe,” Dumb inserts himself throughout a series of classic movie scenes, all dominated by white actors, before facing a stark reality. In the song, he posits the following: “You took me as safe / That was your first mistake / Who said I was safe?”