Amazon Prime: Offline Video

Rejoice! Amazon Prime Video is now offering offline playback. In attempt to keep up with Netflix, today the company leaped ahead with the new feature, giving users the ability to binge-watch Downton Abbey from anywhere, even on those dreadful 6-hour red-eye flights. They would just need to download the episodes beforehand, and voila!It will be available to Amazon Prime users on iOS and Android devices. This new feature is clearly a jab at Netflix, who stated last year that they would never have an offline playback option.That said, for now only a subset of Prime Video titles will be available for offline playback, including (of course) Amazon's original shows like Transparent and Bosch, and programs coming from the exclusive licensing agreements the company has recently struck with the likes of NBCUniversal (Hannibal), CBS (Under the Dome), and Fox (24). Amazon is highlighting several movies as well, including Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.Read more here.