Algoriddim Launches djay 2 Update with "Artist Packs"

snoop djay screenshotAlgoriddim, the award-winning creator of music apps such as djay and vjay, launched their brand new iOS7 version of djay 2 last week. Along with the revamp of the user interface and new music library, Algoriddim has implemented a brand new feature that gives a big boost to mobile DJing apps. They have partnered with two major artists, Snoop Dogg and DJ Qbert, to introduce the brand new "Artist Packs".Each pack is a collection of 12 sounds and voices that will enhance your live and recorded DJ mixes with the use of their beat machine. The Snoop pack has a group of six "west-coast" sounds, along with six Snoop voice drops that can be played over any track. DJ Qbert's pack includes 12 scratch samples, along with a customized scratch track that will bring you back to the days of traditional turntablism.Check out some of the reviews from XXLBallerStatus, and, and get the brand new djay 2 app for iOS7 to be the hit of the party! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)