Airbnb's Real Time Marketing is An Olympic Winner

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 7.11.44 PMYou may have heard about the less than pristine conditions that journalists found their hotel rooms in prior to the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in Sochi, Russia. If you've been following the twittersphere, you've seen that the situation is so dire that it has spawned its own hashtag: #SochiProblems. Journalists have been tweeting about hotel rooms that are lacking doorknobs and hot water, and some that are still the process of being built! Airbnb, the startup that lists residences for short term lodging worldwide and which encourages consumers to eschew traditional hotels for unique accommodations, jumped on this situation to draw attention to their site.Airbnb replied to journalists' complaints by finding them Airbnb listings in Sochi and tweeting them pictures of the accommodations they could be residing in. Brilliant marketing and PR move for Airbnb — read more about this story on Mashable.