AFI Fest Presents: Hip Hop Meets Silent Film

If silent film star Harold Lloyd were alive today, would he be a fan of Hip Hop? The Cashmere team had the opportunity to explore this as DJ Z-Trip brought to the West Coast Harold Lloyd's s 1928 silent film Speedy with a live set of his own original score, hosted by AFI Fest. In conjunction with Harold Lloyd's legacy, the never been done before project was originally brought to life for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.Z-Trip is a veteran of Hip Hop, has worked with top tier rappers like LL Cool J, Ice Cube, and Public Enemy, he's played major music festivals, and won DJ competitions with his unique sound. But providing a self-styled set for a silent film was a feat he had never thought of, but nevertheless still rose to the challenge, premiering the collaboration at Tribeca after only having a week to pull it together. And it was received incredibly well.large_speedyZ-Trip accentuated Lloyd’s expressively comic acting and the film’s feel-good vibes with hip-hop classics, iconic turntable scratches, and carefully timed sound cues. It was a blending of eras and styles that made for not only an incredibly fun hour but an incredible opportunity to introduce silent cinema to youth today. Lloyd's silent film era was brought to modern life seamlessly and has has become all the more compelling to millennials today.Harold Lloyd and Z-Trip aren't stopping here on the West Coast either, this project's next move is to go worldwide, bringing this incredible mashup of eras to youth and cultures all over. You can see it for yourself here, spread the word, and be a part of this innovative and trailblazing film.