Thoughts on Tech: It's Confirmed, Ads Are Coming To Snapchat

Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit - Day 1Yesterday, Snapchat Founder & CEO Evan Spiegel spoke at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Among the many other things he discusses was the big announcement that ads are coming soon to the mobile app. In a conversation with Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg, he stated "People are going to see the first ads on Snapchat soon". The platform has been under pressure lately to show the world how they are going build revenue, especially from investor company Yahoo. This could be the next step in proving that this platform can generate revenue from ads.Spiegel says it will be an opt-in feature in the Stories section of the app, and users will be able to choose to not watch them. Another interesting fact is that they won't be targeted, essentially making them spam. The reason for this feature not being targeted to specific interests is that Snapchat doesn't have the data that other social networking apps have, because the most important content you share disappears. We will see if these become useful tools to advertise or the young demo of Snapchat will just see it as spam.Read more from The Verge and Business Insider on the new announcement.- Kyle (@kyledineen)