Cashmere Super Bowl Predictions!

Excited for the Super Bowl? So are we! Check out what some of the Cashmere office had to say about the Big Game from predictions, to food recommendations, to favorite prop bets!Seung-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: Patriots in a low scoring game, I'm gonna say 24-20.What I'm most looking forward to: Eating good food!Favorite prop bet: The price of gas (in cents) will be higher then Russell Wilson's passing yardage.Ryan Ford-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Seahawks are going to win.What I'm most looking forward to: Fellowship and having everyone over at my house.Favorite prop bet: It was tough, but gas will be higher then Wilson's passing yardage.Ian (Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Bears. (Editor's note: He's just trolling now).What I'm most looking forward to: Gambling on everything that isn't the game.Favorite prop bet: Betting on the theme of the upcoming commercial and pissing off the people who actually want to watch them in the process.Brianne-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Seattle.What I'm most looking forward to: The food, and the game, and the commercials so pretty much everything!Favorite prop bet: I'm taking the over on the National Anthem. I think she's really gonna milk it and stretch out those notesJesse-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: I would like to see the Seahawks win. Who likes Tom Brady? He's perfect, he can afford to take a loss here.What I'm most looking forward to: I love the whole spectacle. It's my favorite non denominational American holiday after Thanksgiving.Favorite prop bet: I'm taking +100000 on "Will you see a nipple during halftime."Cameron-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: Who's playing?What I'm most looking forward to: Eating copious amounts of cheese dip.Favorite prop bet: I'm taking the Over on everything. Over on the National Anthem, Over on times they mention Katy Perry in the first half (3), and Over on times they show Giselle.Jake-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: I'm going with Seattle. They have the front 7 to pressure Brady and are so good on the back end and have the athletes to run with Gronk, but also are smart enough to chip him off the line. Plus I'm hoping Marshawn steals the cart and drives it somewhere again if they win. (See here for reference)What I'm most looking forward to: Prop bets, always prop bets unless my team is playing in it. But I'm a Raiders fan so I can rule that one out for a while. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Favorite prop bet: Man there are so many that I love, it's really tough. But I've got the Groundhog Day parlay! Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow and Seahawks win the Super Bowl at 11/4Kyle-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Patriots because they have the experience and that will be the X-Factor in the game. Belichick and Brady will find a way to win and Seattle's offense will have a tough time scoring.What I'm most looking forward to: Winning my bets. The only football related prop bet I have is there won’t be a safety, and the Under for the first half and the game.Favorite prop bet: Sleeves cut off for Belichick's hoodie. It's in Phoenix so he shouldn't need the full sleeves to keep warm.Michelle-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Patriots are gonna win.What I'm most looking forward to: The game. I can't wait to see Marshawn and Gronk play, they're both so much fun.Theresa-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Seahawks because now the Patriots can't cheat. Plus I don't like Tom Brady, he has a weird voice anyways.What I'm most looking forward to: The food for sure! I can't wait!Whoopi-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Who's playing? Oh never mind, I'll say Seahawks because Marshawn Lynch.What I'm most looking forward to: Watching the game and then checking Twitter for people's reactions, it's the best (Editor's Note: Nods in agreement)Favorite prop bet: Yes on Marshawn Lynch grabbing his crotch if he scores he a touchdown.Allen-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Lakers are going to win. Jk, I've always liked the Seahawks.What I'm most looking forward to: The commercials for sure.Favorite prop bet: Over on the National Anthem.Joey-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Seattle is just such a well-rounded team I think they'll be hard to beat.What I'm most looking forward to: The food is always amazing so I'll go with that.Mazyck-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Seahawks.What I'm most looking forward to: Nothing, really.Favorite prop bet: Over (3) on them mentioning "deflated balls" (Editor's Note: LOL)Tia-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: The Seahawks because Marshawn is gonna go Beast Mode on everyoneWhat I'm most looking forward to: I like the commercials, M&M’s normally has good one’s.Favorite prop bet: I'm guessing Red for what color Gatorade they will dump on the winning coach.Candace-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: Katy Perry will win.What I'm most looking forward to: Beer and wings.Favorite prop bet: Over (1.5) on amount of times they show Giselle.Neville-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: Patriots are going to win.What I'm most looking forward to: Probably the commercials, but I am excited for the game.Favorite prop bet: Marshawn Lynch will Not grab his crotch, because he won't get the opportunity. Bree-(Twitter I Instagram)Prediction for the game: I don't follow football.What I'm most looking forward to: Halftime because Missy Elliott is going to perform too!Favorite prop bet: Skirt or dress for Katy Perry's outfit.JC-(Instagram)Prediction for the game: Seattle because I don't know who the other team is.What I'm most looking forward to: Commercials because they're always so funny!Favorite prop bet: Over (1.5) on amount of times they show Giselle            

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