Thoughts on Tech: The Future of 3D PRINTING

In the latest Ted Talks, Avi Reichental goes into detail about the future of 3D printing. He discusses tailored braces for the disabled and gives the example of a paralyzed women. The paralyzed woman told Reichental, although she loved being able to use her brace to walk, her brace was uncomfortable because it wasn't made specifically for her body. The disabled woman challenged Reichental to print a digitally tailored brace. After creating a light-weight, feminine design, he is pleased to say that the young woman is not only walking, but walking in high heels.Reichental explains that this is only one example of what's next for 3D printing. He mentions dental braces, back braces, hearing aids, and amputee aids are all possibilities for customizing per individual.Even the nutrition in your food is customizable and that the complexity of your print is free! Check out the Ted Talks video here.

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