Weekend Recap

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.38.43 PM Check out what the Cashmere team did this weekend as September is to a close. 20140924_171624Had to take "resting" this past weekend to the next level. Being sick on weekends are the worst! #legitprescription #sizzurp #lean–Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



10301938_506602659475236_9214334390789568193_n10696450_502079319927570_4905406734484896947_nI went to watch a friend of mine act in the half Spanish, half English theater play "The Long Road Today" / "El Largo Camino de Hoy" by José Cruz González outside the Santa Ana Civic Center. The play was about stories of Santa Ana's immigrant communities. Even though I don't live in Santa Ana, I don't speak Spanish, and I hardly ever go to see theater plays, I enjoyed the experience, as it can be inspiring to broaden your horizon and do things out of the ordinary every once in a while. –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)



10720921_10203823132192969_1646714714_nThis weekend I went to Las Vegas with 15 of my college friends. It was definitely a great time reminiscing and being all together at the same time. You only create memories when you stick 15 girls into a one bedroom suite. On Saturday night, we went to go see Zedd with this view. –Michelle (Instagram)



photo-mainhttp://instagram.com/p/tgiaRGIkKd/Had a small grill session as my roommate's dog stalked me.And watched a great doc on netflix.–Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)