3 Healthy Office Resolutions To Keep in the New Year

We're two weeks into the new year and we can hardly believe it! So in honor of this time of year, we want to bring you our top 3 ways to incorporate healthy habits at the office in 2017.1: You guessed it- drink more water. Surely there's someone in your office who returned from the new year with a gallon of water in tow to each of their meetings, and we all know we should be drinking more water, but whats the easiest way to actually make it happen? Buy a water bottle that you leave at work. Using 1 bottle for home, work, and gym means that your sure to leave it behind at some point in the week. Utilize your mornings by setting healthy routines around drinking water, use that 30 minute commute to get a third of your water taken care of for the day, you'll find that drinking water first thing ensures better digestion and circulation (both of which you don't get sitting at your desk!).Try it Today: Keep your water bottle in your cupholder and take a sip every time your at a light or in standstill traffic, you'll drink your water bottle before you even realize it!

2: Move around- its so easy to get stuck behind your desk or in the conference room and not realize you've been sitting all day until your packing up your bag to leave. If its a standing desk, a walk to get food at lunch, or even a walk around the office every few hours, ensuring that your moving around throughout the day will not only help your physical well being but also your mental ability to focus on your work.Try it Today: The next time you receive an email that you have to curate a response for, grab your phone, take a walk around the office, and use mail on your phone (we know you have it!) to type your response.3: Breath- this might seem like the most simple and insignificant tip, I bet your thinking "well of course," but surprisingly breath can help us to stay calm even when were having the most stressful day. Utilizing deep breathing can help to reduce your stress levels and prevent your body from releasing harmful chemicals like cortisol, which is emitted as a reaction to acute stress and contributes to a weakened immune system and weight gain.Try it Today: Take a long breath in through your nose and count to three, then breath out and use the same 3 second measure to time your release.We know it can be hard to keep self care in mind throughout a busy day but we hope that these 3 easy steps will help you bring mindfulness about your health into the office in the new year. Remember that even the little things make a big difference, so appreciate yourself for what you are able to incorporate into your routine and be forgiving when you space on drinking your water for the day- taking care of yourself should make you feel good and be realistic for your life.