2013 Year in Review!

yearinreview2013 was a year of change for Cashmere — and we embraced it fully! From campaigns to music to employee catchphrases, we wanted to reflect on what made this year so very memorable. Check out our favorite 2013 moments!! __________Ryan Ford(Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?No Guns Allowed with Snoop and The League of Young Voters brought some very needed attention to the issues of gun violence in our country especially concerning young African-Americans.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?When MC Hammer unexpectedly came through the office. Many people don't know just how connected Hammer is in Silicon Valley. He has a great perspective on new media.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"Get Your Life" —MistyBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Pusha T - My Name Is My Name (album)Lorde - Pure Heroine (album)Drake - Started From The Bottom (single and video)__________Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?The Good Good (Overstock.com): so rewarding to see something I had my hands on appear on national TV.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Making up dances for freeconferencecall.com hold music.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"Humble brag"Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Disclosure — Settle.__________Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?The BET Hip Hop Awards After Party was a awesome event we produced in Atlanta. It was the perfect way to cap off a crazy, hectic weekend for Snoop!Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Whoopi's Halloween costume was by far the weirdest (and most disturbing) thing I've seen in a long time.Employee Catchphrases: name some!ubitchu remains untouchableBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Pharrell Williams - 24 Hours of Happy__________Teff (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?TOO MANY TO NAME! PROBABLY GETTING LARRY KING TO BE A TOTAL WEIRDO ON GGN.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?WEIRDEST — DEFINITELY WHOOPI'S COSTUME.Employee Catchphrases: name some!UBITCHUBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Ty Dolla $ign — Beach House 2Kendrick Lamar — Good Kid, M.A.A.D. CityNipsey Hussle — Crenshaw__________Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?BET HHA was fun because of all the elements we tied into it: social, live event, gifting, video content, GGN, etc. It was great to see GGN on TV and people showing so much love for Snoop.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Whoopi's Halloween costume — weirdest. One of my favorites was probably watching everyone hit the piñatas at Cinco de Mayo — especially Ryan Ford because he missed all his swings.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"HEY TIGER" —Kevin Barkey"Fersure." —Max Powers"I'll let you figure that out/Let's make a one sheet." —Ryan Ford"Where's the request for that?" —Ian MallitzBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Toro Y Moi — Anything In ReturnProblem — "Like What"Rihanna — "Pour It Up" video__________Grace (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?The end of the year Cashmere slideshow was pretty fun to work on. I had to cyber stalk everyone and find weird photos of them.Real project-wise, I really enjoyed working on the Miguel presentation because one day we will get married and it'll be a great story to tell at the wedding. (I love you, Miguel)Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?I was out sick one day and I came back to a list of names on my white board, along with the words "BLOOD OATH." Apparently they pooled money for the Mega Millions.photo (1)Also, I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Ron made fun of me and a week later, he fell down the stairs. KARMA!Employee Catchphrases: name some!Girls + Teff: "SHOOO CUTEEEE!"Jesse: "I love bad hugging, I got a hugging problem!"Whoopi & Diana: "WHAT TEH EEEFFFFFFUH"Ian: "Ab-so-lutely, my friend."Diana + Me: "WWhwhhHHHHuhhhh are you doing here?!" (Google SNL Californians)Jane + Me + Cassie: "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!!"We also call Kyle "Sandwich Nugget" because he eats Subway almost every day.Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!UHHHHHHH..... Does the hedgehog "Wrecking Ball" video count?[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlA4RH1Riwo&w=640&h=360]__________Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?Favorite project was definitely Lionfest at SXSW. It was awesome to bring the album to life for the first time and it was cool to work with Major Lazer (one of my favorite DJ groups).Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Favorite memories of 2013: BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, adidas Respect The West party, meeting Larry King on set for Hot Pockets, and hanging out with the whole team at SXSW.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"Shots fired!""Where are we going for lunch?"Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Top 3 albums: Disclosure — Settle, Daft Punk — Random Access Memories, Kaskade Atmosphere__________CameronFavorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?BET HHA — my first chance to travel with the team, plus some really eye-opening experiences at an ATL strip club with Kyle, Kristen, Jasmin, Teff, & Mazyck. Oh, and it was a great event for clients, Snoop, etc.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?I know Kelly said it first, but... Whoopi's costume.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"Nick's blood sugar is low, do you have some food?" —Cassie on almost every Monday, circa noon.Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Free Conference Call hold music. (Which i believe has also generated some great video footage)__________Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?7 Up pitch video was very fun to work on because it allowed me to be creative with it.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?I'll give it to Kelly Woo, Whoopi's Halloween costume was pretty crazy.Employee Catchphrases: name some!"Fosho." —DreezBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Best video: Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie" by David Fincher__________Misty (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?1) Tamar Braxton: I was already a fan of her work and her TV personality so to work on her record-topping album was an added bonus.2) No Guns Allowed: The ability to take an idea from thought to execution, and change not only the lives of communities nationwide but the life of a megastar (Snoop) who had the goal of making it to the White House and accomplished it. I'd like to think his great work this year with the Reincarnated project and "No Guns Allowed" anti-violence campaign led to that milestone.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Favorites: Surprise 5 Year Anniversary party, Secret Santa, Joey's return to the Cashmere team, Wobble slide tutorialEmployee Catchphrases: name some!"It's time to head back to my cubica (cubicle)""Thy lacketh tact (you're very unprofessional)"Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Tye Tribbett — Greater Than, Robert Glasper — Black Radio 2__________Bree (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?My favorite campaign would have to be YG. It was great to help in the launch of YG and spreading the word about his influence in the West Coast rap movement. He's finally taking off and 2014 is definitely going to be his year so it's great to be apart of that and see him evolve as an artist.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Favorite moment — My 1 year anniversary in August 2013Weirdest moment — Whoopi's Halloween costumeEmployee Catchphrases: name some!"You tried it." —Misty"That's inappropriate." —Brianne"I CAN't" —Kyle mocking me lolBest music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!BEYONCÉ, BEYONCÉ, TANK AND TGT :)__________Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)Absolute Fave Moment: Meeting Pharrell and watching him shoot GGN with Snoop. My teenage dreams finally came true!!!!photoClose Seconds:Having the best co-workers in the world! Having the chance to check out the unveiling of the first-ever Hello Kitty Airplane!Hanging out with Nardwuar at SXSW__________Jane (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?Creating packaging design for Snoop Dogg's smoking cones, that will be distributed next year.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?Whoopi's Halloween costume was by far the weirdest (and most disturbing) thing I've seen in a long time, our christmas company party is always a blast. Winning black jack :)Employee Catchphrases: name some!Diana's oblivious loud breathing is not much of a catchphrase but can be heard all around upstairs and the creatives who work with her the most love it. Misty's "OOOH Child" and "getcho lifeeee" , Grace's bubbly "HIYEEEE" in the mornings, Kiki's "hayy gurrrrl" greetings, Kevin Barkey's "hey tiger" Teff's "THAUNK YOU!'S"Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!YG 4hunnnnnnnnnid has the best radio rap of the year. Beyoncé's secret album was genius, Killer Mike and El P album was dope, Ghostface Killah's 12 Reasons to Die album produced by Adrian Younge (tour and album was dope), ASAP Rocky killed it with his music this past year, Eminem's back, back again... Daft Punk killed their latest album, but I didn't like how they ripped some tracks from other artists, Ellie Goulding had a great album, and Calvin Harris killed it this past year too... (they brought me back to the EDM world)__________Diana (Twitter|Instagram)Favorite campaign/project you worked on in 2013 and why?Colt 45 video shoot was a great moment. Seeing some of my favorite artists come together for this campaign and working on the verbiage for the commercial was dope.I enjoyed working on Capitol because it allowed me to think about artist branding in a different way.Favorite/weirdest Cashmere moment of 2013?I can't pick just one! Cashmere is seriously full of weird and awesome moments.Some highlights: The time Whoopi "got chose" by a flower at Ralph's, when we found out that Nick's hands are soft as a baby's bottom, when Jane, Grace, and I got overly competitive with a lunchtime challenge we called "Killer Bite", the time I got Kristen's door jamb sick with my cold and she had to spray antibacterial spray all over it, when Jimmy and Justin tortured a car full of people by putting the heat on full blast in their car on multiple intensely hot days.Employee Catchphrases: name some!Kristen: "I'm thirsty!"Whoopi: "You tryna get chooose! You tryna get GOT!!!"Jasmin & me: "SlapATHHHHHHHH!!!"What Jane and Grace saidCassie: "I have to reschedule the Monday meeting."Whoopi, Drake, & me: "STARTEDDDD..."Best music of 2013: albums, songs, videos! Go!Albums:DJ Rashad — Double CupHaim — Days Are GoneEarl Sweatshirt — DorisDrake — Nothing Was The SameChildish Gambino — Because The InternetMajor Lazer — Free the UniverseSongs:-YG "You Broke"-Arctic Monkeys "Do You Wanna Know" & "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High"-The Preatures "Is This How You Feel?"-The Internet "Dontcha"-Big Sean "Beware"-7 Days of Funk "Hit Da Pavement", "Do My Thang"-Rihanna "Pour It Up"