Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 8-5-13This weekend, we made it out to HARD Festival downtown, explored all kinds of foods in SoCal, watched some UFC, visited the OC Fair, and more![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsiNt5DPZ3g&w=640&h=360]I had a pretty insane weekend. Besides my weekend residency doing stage design at Create Nightclub in Hollywood, I took my live design to HARD festival in DTLA. It was a lot of fun and it was the perfect opportunity to test out my retina Macbook Pro! Shouts to the V Squared Labs team that brought me out. –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)20130804_153455Black sesame shaved snow (not shaved ice) with coconut jelly and red bean from Salju Dessert in Alhambra, CA... Perfect way to cap off the weekend! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)recapThis weekend started off with the Jose Aldo vs. Korean Zombie UFC 163 fight. Korean Zombie is my favorite fighter in the UFC, not to mention Benson Henderson and GSP, but this fight was an epic fight. The first three rounds, Jose was doing well, but as the fight was going on, Zombie was doing better and better. Unfortunately, Aldo popped Zombie's shoulder out of his socket in the fourth round and won the fight. Jose Aldo said that Zombie was the toughest fight he's ever had. Just goes to show that Zombie really did have a chance. I was wondering why Jose wasn't kicking like he usually does but he broke his foot in the first or second round... UFC is a hell of a sport. I need to see a rematch! Upon watching UFC 163, I discovered a newfound love for a fighter by the name of Cezar Ferriea. He's a young Vitor Belfort and he can throw like a beast! I look forward to seeing his future fights. The following day, I went to the OC Fair. (only $3 on Saturday's and Sundays!) My boyfriend won me a huge unicorn doll! *Highlight of the day* I also got to meet some pigs, llamas, goats, and baby deer. Great weekend. –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)gigiAfter hanging out with some friends at church, we headed over to Gigi's Bakery and Cafe. It was my first time there and they had amazing pastries and sandwiches for a decent price. –Grace (Twitter|Instagram)recapThis weekend I kept it real low-key, big change of pace for me this summer! On Saturday morning, I subbed a yoga class at my old digs, Black Dog Yoga. It was so fun to be back on the bamboo floor, playing some chill tunes to set the mood and seeing old friends! Saturday night, full disclosure, I spent my night reading this. I rounded out my lazy weekend with brunch in Los Feliz with friends and watching Valley of the Dolls for the first time. Here's a photo of one of the weirdest scenes, Neely O'Hara asking for just ONE MORE DOLL!! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)photo-1This weekend was a lot of fun. Pampered myself with a new hair color and style as well as dinner and a movie checking out the blockbuster hit "2 Guns". It was really really good! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)e27e4096fd5e11e2b7fc22000aa821d1_7-1Saturday, I sampled Creme de la Crêpe in Redondo Beach, where I enjoyed a nice French press and a quiche, the one menu item that destroys my self-control every time. Okay, there are a couple items like that. Like multiple times a week to be completely honest, but I digress. The quiche was... not as good as Paris. Alors, what is? [insert wistful, barely relevant study abroad memory here] At my sci-fi nerd boyfriend's behest, I watched Pacific Rim that night. Great action, unbearable dialogue and predictable plot points. Basically a glorified Power Rangers — the visuals were pretty epic though.Sunday, I had an excellent espresso con panna (above: caramel, espresso, whipped cream, topped with more caramel) from this fair trade coffee speakeasy that only like five people know about. Just kidding, I got it at The Coffee Bean. Whatever, I'm pretty sure I heard offhand that Matthew Perry goes there regularly. I then had some bomb Japanese food at Matsui in Torrance with a friend, and finished off the weekend at Bigfoot West on Venice, drinking the strongest ginger beer ever while taking in some serious banjo-playing. —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)