Adweek on Snoop Dogg’s Reddit Investment

snoop-dog-reddit-hed-2014Adweek discusses Snoop Dogg’s recent investment in Reddit and features insight from our founder Ted Chung on Snoop’s involvement in the tech community. In the article, Ted says: “I think Reddit is a really stellar example of how Snoop can get involved with the tech community and take it from a niche into the mainstream.” Click here to read more.

E! Profiles Ted Chung and Cashmere Agency As “Trendsetters at Work”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.49.57 PM
Awesome news. E profiled Cashmere Agency and our founder Ted Chung in their Trendsetters at Work series. Learn more about Ted, the work we do at Cashmere, and how the company has evolved in the article here!

Thoughts on Tech: Tumblr Follows Growing Video Trend


Like many other social media networks, Tumblr is putting a lot of their resources behind enhancing video on their platform. Twitter and Facebook have both announced recent updates to their sites that encourage the sharing of video content. Tumblr is now following suit as more and more users are using video to connect.

Yahoo recently reported that Tumblr’s user base jumped 40% since it was acquired by Yahoo in 2013, which is projected to lead to more $100 in ad revenue next year. As Mashable stated, “Video posts are growing at twice the rate of photo posts on Tumblr, and the built-in player is the most popular player option on the site by post volume, according to Tumblr.”  In order to capitalize on this major growth in video engagement, Tumblr has update various features within its platform.

The biggest new feature is a pop-out video player, which allows a user to watch a video in a separate player on the side while still scrolling through their feed. Another enhancement is the added capabilities of Vine and Instagram video to be on continuous loop. They also added the ability to auto-play videos and play them in HD. All of these make for a better video experience, while allowing them to keep up with their larger social counterparts.

- Kyle (@kyledineen)


Far East Movement Interview and Mini-Doc on LA Weekly


It is always exciting to watch young talent rise to superstars. We have been along for the ride with our friends of Far East Movement since their early beginnings and besides all the high-profile celebrities we have had the pleasure of working with, these guys have a special place in our hearts. Witnessing their continued growth has been an inspiration to us and whether you have been a fan of theirs from the start as well or just know them from their smash hit “Like a G6″, we highly recommend finding out more about them in their mini-documentary and recent interview about their experience of the K-Town riots with LA Weekly here.


Lil Debbie and Colt 45 Unveil New Lifestyle Video

West Coast Rapper, Lil Debbie, is known for her eclectic style and dope rhymes. Today Colt 45 and Lil Debbie unveiled a new lifestyle video showcasing what it means to pursue your creative endeavors, to live in the moment and to just enjoy the company of the people that matter most.


Weekend Recap

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 5.14.55 PM Check out what the Cashmere team did this weekend!
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Fresh Tunes Friday

Fresh Tunes Friday 10-17
The season’s changing, but you know what remains the same? The freshest tunes on Friday, selected by the Cashmere crew to keep you warm this weekend. Holla.
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Trending Tuesday: Ebola

News stations all across America are on high alert for the latest news covering the Ebola virus. People are scared and keeping close tabs on this highly sensitive issue. Some are torn between whether or not it’s the latest epidemic or just something that’s being blown way out of proportion. There are thousands of funny memes on instagram poking fun at the virus. One thing is for certain and that is that no one is certain about how serious this disease really is. Some memes go as far as to ask “Is Ebola a Country?” While other memes say “I went to school with Ebola, she cool”.



.@snoopdogg has introduced his new #BroadusFamilyCollection. Baby Powder and White Rose scents are available. Only 500 were made. Link in bio Happy 2 year anniversary to one of the best albums in years! @kendricklamar #gkmc #respectthewest West Coast rapper Lil Debbie killin this pic' ✊📷☀️#lildebbie #photofab #peace #love



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